BREO Downtime

BREO upgrade July 2017

BREO will be unavailable between 5:00pm this Friday (14th) and 9:00am on Saturday morning.

This is for our annual upgrade.  Apologies for any inconvenience.


PebblePad v5

PebblePad v5 is now available. It delivers a new front end to our existing system, doing away with the previous use of pop-up windows. Now you edit directly on the page, rather like Edit Mode in Blackboard (BREO). It’s a big improvement and we’d like to switch to it across the board, but we need to know if you foresee problems with that. More here.

BREO Gateways

The BREO Gateway is the page you land on once you’ve logged in to BREO. There’s one specifically for staff, one for students. They act as routes to both teaching and learning online in units, but also, in themselves, are hubs for access to key support and sources of information. Staff should spend a little time in class highlighting contents of the student gateway, especially all the Quicklinks in the grey box on the left. More here.

BREO Unit Structure

The structure of unit shells in BREO is designed to promote consistent and clear navigation to better support students, following their feedback. This structure, when fully populated with the correct content, meets the minimum requirements (and therefore takes the place) of a book-based unit handbook. It is a requirement that you maintain this structure, to help students by keeping BREO navigation consistent across all their units. Click for more.

Bb Calendar

calendarStudents often ask us to help them be better informed: you can help them plan ahead by alerting them to events and activities that are not in the timetable, some unique, some repeating. More here.